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Things Happening At Melodeon.net

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From an email sent by Theo


"Melodeon.net the online resource for all interested in melodeons and diatonic accordions has now moved to a new website and forum.


www.melodeon.net now takes you to a new website which includes a link to the new forum, and also has links to the old site, and old forum.


Please visit the new site, follow the link to the forum and register as a member of the new forum. There is no need to register to use the remainder of the site.


When you register please use your real name, or a version of it, rather than a completely made up name.


In the near future the old forum will close to new posts but will remain accessible so that you can still read the discussions there.


The new website is still in its infancy, but we have a number of volunteers who will share the task of adding content, so we are confident that this site will develop rapidly and keep up to date. We have used a content management system for the site which makes it easy to create new content with a minimum of technical knowledge.


See you on the new forum



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Yes Melodeon.net is changing.


We now have a new website and forum. We are keeping the old site and forum as archives. In the not to distant future all the old website content will be moved across and the old site will then be dropped. The old forum will stay around much longer in read-only form. It would have been nice to be able to take all the old discussions with us, but it was/is hosted by aimoo.com which is by a long way the worst discussion forum software I've ever seen! Among many deficiencies it has no facility for taking a backup, or exporting the data, so it will continue to sit there as a sort of musical/technical coelacanth.


Please feel welcome to drop in and have a look. It is all open to guests, but if you want to post on the forum you will need to register with the forum.


Anyone waiting for me to repair their concertina - sorry the wait has just increased by a week! :o

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