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Seeking Instructor In Atlanta Area


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Just so that you don't think we're ignoring you Suzanne; concertina players are spread thin, good ones thinner, and teachers thinner still. Most of us are self taught, I think. Do a search on this site and you'll find loads of info; there's also been a couple of tuition series made that should help; the basics are simple enough! You may be lucky, but you may well be on your own, at least at first.


A rigid practice regime (half an hour a day every day, say) is more important than a teacher in my opinion.

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Dirge is, as they say sometimes in some places where English is spoken, spot on.


Playing rock chops on a 20-button anglo concertina is neither brain surgery nor rocket science. It's way less complicated than making an omelette while wearing mittens and looking through the fractured viewing lens of a clogged respirator that's regulating your breathing. Same goes for eastern European music licks although they're way easier than driving a Trabant through flaming lard while wearing a thong laced with chili powder.


In other words, no problems.


Get yourself Audacity. Free.

Get the Audacity help files. Free.

Get yourself Lamelib. Free.


Drop into Audacity a track from a cd that has a melody that you want, slow the tempo and even change the key to fit your 'tina if you need to, and work it out from there.


Really. It's as easy as playing a harmonica while using someone else's lungs and you even can eat a sandwich while playing, if someone will feed it to you.


Rock on! Immediately! B)

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