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How Do You People Do It?

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My playing is my meditation. I find there's nothing better for me to keep me in the present than playing concertina because if my mind tries to wander off, I mess up the tune!


My mind...wanders off...when...I...play....I take a vacation when I play. Maybe that's why I can only do my own 'stuff' effectively...I've been very slow to learn new tunes, lately!


I think I've taken cooking as a more 'mindfulness' practice. (Which I really need to go do...I already have put it off today.) Cooking and baking, I'm 'here.' Playing concertina, I'm 'away.'


I found the mudra book on Amazon.com....though, of course, there are several books here and there. I believe in being self-styled, could probably do okay without a formal book, but...hey, they make books! :)


(As for 'paths' -- I think all religions are horrible and wonderful, at the same time. Thank goodness the sun shines on us all...)


Hmm, I had a bit more to say, maybe shall e-mail you later, especially since I don't want to divert this thread too much more from it's original topic (which was...? Oh, yeah...)

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I'm happy to report a bit of progress with the sore fingers/hands problem. I'm going 'bionic.' I just found some special gloves, meant for gardening, designed by a hand surgeon. bionicgloves.com


These will be a step up from from the disposable vinyl ones I've been wearing a lot lately (even while playing my concertina, the other day).


I plan to wear the bionic gloves while playing my concertina, though, if I can. If not, well, at least they'll be great for while gardening or whatever.


Yes, they cost a little, but, it's going to cost me -- and the environment -- more than that, in disposables, eventually.


My problem is dry skin (possibly psoriasis), which then cracks and is painful, and is primarily on the fingers. I do a lot of oil treatments with my hands in plastic gloves, which helps, but -- not always.




Another good thing is that I finally noticed the box to check or uncheck for enabling the signature. I really like my 'concertina tent' sig, but, I think once in a thread is enough. So, now I know. I can limit it to once in the thread, so I don't brainwash you all with it, lol...


So, soon I will possibly be 'the bionic concertina player,' at least sometimes!

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