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Bastari Models ?

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Can anyone fill me in on the various Bastari models ? ie....what's a 67 etc etc...????

The only "Bastari 67" I know of (which proves nothing) <_< is the Hayden Duet model with 67 buttons. Like a bandoneon, it is square, big, and has a central wooden divider frame in the bellows. I jsut got one of the 12 or so that were ever made, and am still evaluating it (which is more than just a nice way of saying I'm re-learning to play it ;) ).


Bastari was taken over by Stagi, who makes a variety of EC and Anglo and a Hayden 46.

--Mike K.

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Well, let's see; there was the 20 button wooden ended, 30 button metal ended (several versions, bellows materials, and actions), 40 button metal ended, 20 button wooden ended minature, 36 button double reed mother of toilet seat; all anglos. I don't remember the various English.



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