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Oslo Waltz


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Cookies acting up - wouldn't let me post into tune-database. Anyone that can - please post it in.



T:The Oslo Waltz (Kristiania Valsen)



C:E. Olzen


d^cd|:ed Bd GB|D2 G2 B2|E4^D2|D4 G2|F3 ^E FA|d4 c2|B2 B^A Bc|B3 d^cd|!

ed Bd GB|D2 G2 B2|E4^D2|D4 G2|F3 ^E FA|d4 F2|(3GAG FG Bd|g2 z2:|!

B/c/^c/|:d6|g6|g2 f2 e2|B6|d3 e d2|c2 B2 A2|G2 GF GA|B3 A Bc|!

d6|g6|g2 f2 e2|B6|d3 e d2|c2 B2 A2|(3GAG FG Bd|[1 g2 z2 d2:|[2 g2 z2||!


c/^c/d/^d/|:e6-|e4 d2|c6-|c6|E2 G2 c2|e2 g2 ^g2|a6-|a6|!

f6|d4 c2|B6|B4 A2|G6|G2 ^F2 =F2|E6|GA Bc d_e|!

e6-|e4d2|c6-|c6|E2 G2 c2|e2 g2 ^g2|a6-|a6|!

c'6|b4 a2|g4 e2|c2 B2 A2|G6|d6|[1 c6|GA Bc d_e:|[2 c6-|c2 z2||

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I have it in A (the way Will Starr did it) in the modes tutorial on my website:






Thanks for this very exhaustive treatment of the mode concept! It is, of course, relevant to Irish music as well.


For us practical musicians, it seems to confirm the two complementary definitions of what a mode is:


- For players of diatonic instruments, the major scale with a home note (ending note) other than doh;

- For singers and players of chromatic instruments, the major scale with the semitones at different positions, or with certain notes flatted.


Pity you couldn't find a viable alernative for the terms "Dorian", Mixolydian" etc.! Whenever I use them to characterise an Irish tune, people tend to put two and two together and get five: "Aha! Irish - Catholic - influence of Church music!" I prefer to talk about the "scale of re" or "scale of soh", but here in Germany nobody knows either tonic sol-fa or the Italo-Franco-Spanish system, so that wouldn't work.


Now I must get into ABC and listen to your examples!




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