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Chamois Gasket Material

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My Lachenal project is coming along. Pads and valves are done. The gasket material is not working so well, it seems, with strips of paper on it, in places. The reed plates are somewhat warped but don't look so bad in place.

I have seen reference to chamois leather. I'm only familiar with that as a sort of polishing cloth and have never used it myself. What do I get for concertina gasket and where might I find it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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I have successfully used chamois leather that is meant for car washing and purchased from the local auto store. make sure you get a good quality one as cheap ones are too thin for the job. You could also buy a hide from Tandy leather or similar. This tends to be expensive because you have to buy a lot more than you need.

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Try these folks if you're in the US: <http://www.columbiaorgan.com/col/>


I stopped in there two years ago and they were very helpful. I used some chrome tanned heavy goatskin valve leather for gasketing a 26b Lach and it's working fine. They also have a bottled fish glue that is reversable and easier to use than hot hide glue.

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