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Would The Real Geek Please Stand Up

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Irish born and bred, Shiksa by marriage, Klezmer-wannabe


Here's a tune for an irish klezmer player :D The Klezmer Reel ... An EC player at our local session always plays this (and currently plays it solo, but I'm starting to pick it up now (ps I think there's a gsharp missing in the notation here, just sharpen all the low gs and none of the high ones! ))

Thanks, I really like this tune. I worked out my own chords, which I think are in the proper Klezmer tradition. Here is a short GIF file of the score, with my fake chords edited in. Enjoy, and please comment on my harmonies -- Mike K.


Oops, I forgot to insert the corrrection noted above: Put a sharp on the G in the first strain's 1st ending's last measure (under the n/c chord sign). I think it sounds more klezmer-ish that way, but of course everyone can play it the way they prefer. --Mike K.

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