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Concertina Events At Whitby Folk Festival

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Here are a few of the events that may be of interest......


Sun 19th

10-11.20 am Brian Peters, Anglo in the English style, ( C/G intermediate) Fleece Hotel £5

11.30-12.50 Iris Bishop & Martyn Wyndham Read, Song accompaniment, Resolution Club Room £5

1.15-2.45pm Jody Kruskal amongst others performing at the Yacht Club training room £6


Mon 20th

10-11.20am Jody Kruskal, American old time tunes on the Anglo, (C/G beginners to intermediate) Fleece Hotel Bar £5

5-7pm Dave Townsend and Gill Redmond lead a music session, Fleece Hotel bar (free...donations encouraged)

5-7pm John Kirkpatrick leads a music session, Middle Earth ( free..... donations encouraged)


Tues 21st

10-11.20am Andy Casserly, beginners Anglo, bring own instrument, Middle Earth £5

1-3pm Alistair Anderson leads a musicians session, Consevative club bar (free....donations encouraged)

1-3pm Jody Kruskal and Gill Redmond lead a musicians session, Middle Earth ( free..donations encouraged)


Wed 22nd

1-3pm Dave Mallinson and Andy Casserley lead a musicians session, Middle Earth (free....d/e)


Thurs 23rd

10-11.20am Jody Kruskal, American old time tunes on the Anglo, (C/G intermediate to advanced) Fleece Hotel bar £5


Fri 24th

10-11.20am Dave Townsend, Dance music on English concertina, practical workshop, Fleece Hotel bar £5

10-11.20am Iris Bishop and Martyn Wyndham Read, Song accompaniment, Resolution Club room £5

5-7pm Dave Townsend leads a music session at the Fishermans Rowing club (free....d/e)



There is lots more in the programme, worth buying one to check all the events.

For those people camping or wanting to get around to venues with heavy equipment, the no. 91 Castle Park bus does a circular route leaving the bus station at 5mins to and 25mins past the hour going up past the surgery on Rievaulx Rd., along by Stakesby School ( main season ticket campsite ) along High Stakesby, down White Leys Road ( Rugby Club), back up Stakesby Road and down past Stakesby School again,past the surgery, along St. Hilda's terrace, down Brunswick St to the bus station.

The no.98 (or no.92) West Cliff circular leaves the station at 9am then at 45mins past each hour up to and including 14.45, then16.00, 17.00, 18.11, 20.10, 22.10. It goes from the bus station, up Chubb Hill, down Stakesby Rd, along Love Lane (opp Rugby Field),past the Metropole, along the North promenade past the Spa, back onto Upgang lane near the Conservative club and back down to the station.

The Yellow Tour bus does an all day 'hop on hop off' ticket which is handy if you have tired legs and small children :D


Hope this is usefull :)

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