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Results New Orleans Feis

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Good luck and a lot of enjoyment to you Alexandra. !


Congratulaions to you Bob !


My Grandson and my latest daugther, both 9 years, are starting to play Concertina with me.


Sahll inform to you Bob about progress and some day they might play with Alecandra ?


Kind regards


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Oh, very well done, Alexandra!


(nice to see she's being raised properly  :) )

I'll bet you'd be doing famously, too, if you had an instrument made especially for you, to your own specifications (including color). :)

No doubt I would!


(but I'm still a long way from winning anything...except maybe a most-improved award or something like that)

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The competition was hair raising for me, Alex was pretty calm about the whole thing. Come to think of it, she is pretty darn calm about her schoolwork as well.



She played Harvest Home because she knows it well and can usually nail it.


However, I usually play with her and that is apparently not in the rules in N.O.


So, she started off out of the gate at the speed of light, just like I said not to do.


I just knew when she hit the triplets she would slide off the road, crash and burn.


But, she got her speed under control and did a pretty good job, not the best.


I think the judges, one of whom was from across the pond were surprized to see a concertina player much less a short one with a school dance dress on and the biggest darn wig I have ever seen.


There were four competitors in the 16and under catagory, so I am pretty tickled with her performance.

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Apparently, there are adult music competitions for adults in manyof the Feis. The overall music trophy winner at the NOLA Feis was an adult harp player from Texas.


We will be at a Feis in Memphis next, it looks like the music competition is on Friday night. They have a tin whistle category and a fiddle category. Concertina is held under the "other" category along with the cow chip toss.


Bob Tedrow

Edited by Bob Tedrow
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Thanks for sharing the movie clip :D It was wonderful!


My girls go to contra dances, Morris practice and any concert that is within driving distance. I'm hoping that some of this good music will rub off on them. So, in 5 years or so I'll have to get you to build my daughter a squeezebox!

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