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John Dipper On Wumb-fm

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John Dipper (am I correct in believing that he's the son of Colin and Rosalie Dipper?) will be peforming and talking on WUMB-FM in Boston at noon today, Eastern US time (an hour and three-quarters from now as I write)--he's accompanying an accordion player whose name, I'm sorry to say, escapes me at the moment (despite the fact that she's the headliner for this thing), and he's playing the fiddle (though maybe he'll have his concertina too...). WUMB is online if you're out of range of the broadcast signal (even if you're not), through iTunes in the Radio section or through Live 365 radio on Windows Media Player.


Slight addition: the WUMB website says it'll be Antje Duvekot in a repeat from January, but they announced John Dipper and...er...whatever her name is (I should take notes) a few minutes ago...anyway, I hope that's what they're doing.




Edited to add: for those in eastern Massachusetts who don't know already, WUMB is 91.9 FM, 1170 AM on the Cape, 91.7 FM in and around Newburyport.

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Would that be here:



WUMB feed





Looks like it. Alas, Dave Palmater (the DJ) has just announced that Karen Tweed and John Dipper have been "unavoidably detained" (he was saying they were stuck in traffic before), so the whole thing's off. To this I say, harrumph.



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[John Dipper] ...now a C.net member!
In that case, we'd better be careful what we say about Colin, just in case it get's fed back to him. ;)
You think he doesn't know already? :unsure:
Do we have a mole in our midst, or does Colin secretly log on in person as a guest? :ph34r:

Colin has many friends who are Concertina.net members... and I don't think any of them are trying to hide the fact.

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