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Personal Response To Göran


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Some of you may feel that this should really be a private communication to Göran. I do, too, except that the statements -- accusations, actually -- it responds to were made publicly by him, and I feel that those who read his post should have the opportunity to see my response.


If you're not interested, read no further. I created the new Topic to make it easy for those who want to skip this to do so.


...you put such ideas forward however now and then for trivial or meaningless matters.

Your opinion. Mine differs. In fact, I feel the same way about many of the matters you dwell on, but I prefer to address the content of your posts, rather than dismiss them with unsupported insults.


Anyway you misunderstood half of what Joe was saying and misinterpreted most of the rest...

Joe should be the judge of that, not you... or me.


...in a not motivated negative direction.

You have demonstrated on numerous occasions that you haven't the foggiest idea what my motivations are. And (as I explained in a prior response) I did not consider my comments to be negative. I'm hoping that Joe didn't, either.


I call it demeaning.

Call it what you like. That doesn't make it so.


A piece of private communication between You and Joe ought to sort it out.

I had already contacted Joe privately before you wrote the above. Had you assumed otherwise?

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