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C. Staff?


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G'day everyone,


New member here, Just trying to figure out who the maker Mr. C. Staff might be? Perhaps with Lachenal? I really dont' know, but hope someone here can help me.



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Well, it's not much, but this is what I know.


A man in Australia has an old anglo concertina, says "Made in England", and "by C. Staff", but there is no 'brand' like Lachenal or Wheastone to be found.


The fretwork, from what I can tell, looks like a Lachenal, but the pictures are at an angle. I've asked him for a face-on picture of the fretwork.


Does that give someone any idea?

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I have been browsing the Ancestry website, where there is a wealth of photos and information concerning concertinas.


"Charles Staff, concertina maker, 6 Royal Arcade,Melbourne", was probably Charles Staff born in Norwich Norfolk. on 16th October 1823; he may have died 29th June 1888 in Coburg, Victoria Australia


In the 1861 census he is shown living in Liverpool with his wife Esther from Knetishall, Suffolk and four children.

They seem to have moved around the country as their son Edward aged 12 was born in Salisbury Wiltshire, daughter Isabel aged 10 born Wigan Lancs, son Charles aged 8 born Ipswich Suffolk and daughter Esther aged 5 born Liverpool.

Charles is described as an accordion maker.


Perhaps someone from Australia would be able to research his life on the Australian genealogy web sites.


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Charles Staff's period of insolvency was fairly short lived.

The Argus, Melbourne reported on 15th November 1864.




Certificates of discharge were granted to the following insolvents:-Charles Staff, paper flower-maker, of Melbourne ......etc


He advertised fairly regularly in The Argus. Melbourne, all the ones that I have found fit a 3-line box format. Here are a selection:


24th June 1876


key, three, four, five, and six guineas. Staff,

Royal Archade.

A FACT.- I have the best Assortment of CONCER-

TINAS in the colonies. Charles Staff, Royal



Advert 2nd April 1877 The Argus, Melbourne:


Lachenal, London,35s each, Guaranteed.

Charles Staff, Royal Arcade.


17th August 1878

CONCERTINAS,Violins,Accordians, Flutes, Ban-

joes, Flutinas,&c., reduced prices; largest stock

in Melbourne. Charles Staff, Royal Arcade.


16th July 1881

THEODOLITE for SALE, by Holstlopenhagen, in

perfect order. Apply Charles Staff's concertina

warehouse, Royal Archade.




notes; written guarantee; the best ever made.

Charles Staff, Royal Arcade.


From reports and letters in The Argus, Melbourne it seems that he was heavily involved in local politics.

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Just an aside.

The royal Arcade in Melbourne was, and still is, a prestigious address. Beautiful Melbourne was built mainly with Gold Rush money from the mid 1800's and is a spacious and beautifully laid out city with some extremely impressive buildings, arcades and leafy parks surrounding it. Old Charlie must have had a large rental bill methinks. I have attached a photo of the Royal Arcade.


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Not the same instrument as discussed above, but this one currently in for repairs....


Number 43021, rosewood ends, 7mm bone buttons, steel reeds, Lachenal stapled action, but 6 fold bellows surprisingly.

Hand rest has the usual Lachenal England Trade Mark, so not much doubt about the maker although label states "Chas Staff Concertina Maker 6 Royal Arcade Melbourne"


post-121-0-36663900-1359877492_thumb.jpg post-121-0-10538900-1359877435_thumb.jpg

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