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Different Looking French One


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It looks typically French, and indeed typical of Busson's instruments to me. The only thing that's at all unusual about it is the "blonde" maple finish, instead of the more usual rosewood, but I've seen them like this before. It may have travelled to the tropics in its life, being in that tin box, they were described as "termite proof".

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My first post to concertina net - what a great place for all advice !

I was the lucky purchaser of this flutina :) or more properly French accordian I guess, (I'm no expert) Apart from some minor damage and the need for extensive but gentle cleaning of the dust and grime of ages it is in excellent condition. There is no makers name found yet, though the name "D. Lapworth - Tusses Bridge" is loosely written as though with a blunt scriber in the wood under the action plate. A couple of badly curled valves and one problematic reed, and it is very playable. My research leans me towards Stephen's conclusion that it is one of Busson's. Do you have a suggested date? Tusses bridge is on the Oxford canal and was a tiny hamlet at the time this was made, I wonder if there was a waterway's connection?


Anyone who can cast light on this or the name D. Lapworth I'd love to know more.



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