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Hey everyone!


I have a question about a concertina on E-bay. Could anyone who is good at judging good from bad look at this?




This is what he says...


Up for auction is a great sounding Bastari anglo concertina, probably from the late 1960's. Having purchased it about 5 years ago from expert concertina player and instrument specialist Paul Groff, it is in excellent playing condition with reeds nicely in tune. It has 36 buttons on it with an indented button on the 2nd row of each side for the index fingers to position on. This allows one to play the instrument as a 30 button, using the additional buttons only as desired. It is a dual reed anglo which means that if you push in on a button (or pull out), 2 reeds will sound rather than just one, which gives the concertina a fuller sound as well as more volume than a single reed concertina. The 2 reeds per button on this concertina are tuned slightly apart giving it a tremolo sound like the traditional sound associated with an accordion. The reed sound on this instrument is a little softer than that of an accordion. In top physical condition, it is a large size concertina measuring about 9" by 9" when compressed and strapped up. The somewhat large size buttons make it easy to play. It has steel reeds and plays fast. This concertina would allow a 30 button player to use their same playing skills to produce a totally different and attractive sound. The instrument would also appeal to a 20 button player who has an octave tuned dual reed concertina such as a Scholer. The reserve on this is minimal. :blink:



If you could please check into it for me I would appreciate it!!


Thanks A-Bunch!! :D :lol: :P



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None of us can tell you very much; with these boxes, a lot depends on condition. A 30-key W15 might go for 300 to 475 dollars used if fixed up. In unknown condition they are worth less than that. These only feel "fast" if you haven't played a traditional-design anglo, though I can only speak for the ones I've tried and not this one.


The part of the story that surprises me is the provenance. I don't know Paul Groff but would not have guessed he handles instruments like this one very often.


Auctions are always a shot in the dark. Back when I was rich I indulged in one or two. The malady seems to have passed, at least for now.



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I can´t give a comment concerning the instrument, I never played a Bastari, not even seen one in the real live.


But, I can´t image playing a concertina with a tremolo - to me that sounds wrong. It would be a combination of two things which don´t belong together. Yes, I never heard this type of brand but still I would prefer a single reeded instrument.



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