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Hello and welcome to the forum, I have to say a little more info is needed before proper advice can be given. The style of music you want to play, whether you've heard a player you like and want that kind of sound, even the kind of accordion you play now. All of this matters because there are three main types of concertina (English, Anglo and Duet) that are played very differently, within those three types there are two types (Anglo and Duet) that have a variety of button layouts each of which have their supporters (and detractors!).


Budget priced English and Anglo instruments that are very playable are available, Duets are expensive from the off.


Check out the Rochelle Anglo and the Jack and Jackie English from Concertina Connection.

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Hi, and welcome to c.net.


I'm suprised that Chris Timpson hasn't been along yet! Meanwhile, you might like to take a look at his website http://www.concertina.info/ - it should answer at least some of your questions.


I am surprised the concertina.info site has nothing about the Jack/Jackie Concertina. <_<


I am carrying them in my shop




Bob Tedrow

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as an accordion player as well, may I suggest an english concertina. I started on the Jackie and believe that for the price you could not get anything better. I got mine direct from concertina connection and apart from a small problem in the first week (sorted out with help from concertina connection) its been an ideal instrument. If you don't get on with it they are always able to sell on.

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Well I went from accordion to duet and within a year had sold the accordion and bought a second duet. It depends what he wants to achieve, Ken, but I think he's gone anyway. Did we scare him, do you think?

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