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Sea Chantey's Web Sites?


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I thank all of you for those great sites. I didn't realize how difficult it appears to be to get the words together with the music, as in sheet music. I might just have to wait till payday and buy a good book. Any suggestions of where to buy books that would have both words and music together?

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I don't suppose there's one of those midi-notator dealies for mac, is there?


I don't know what one of those is, it seems you did find what you were looking for, etc. but this may be useful for Mac (I'm not one btw) users who use abc.


Barfly is well worth a look. Amongst other things, it can handle all our Hugill collection for example as one text file and you can scroll through it viewing the notation for the "current song" as well as playing the song. It's kept up to date and is very compatible with abcm2ps (which is used by the tune-o-tron in the production of graphics). I believe more recent versions allow you to run abc2mps from within Barfly making it easier for those who want the better print quality abcm2ps is capable of producing.


There are reports of it working well on other platforms using emulators but my own attempts (on a win pc) only had limited success. There is the Java based Skink which some may find useful but I find it less compatible with abcm2ps/current abc where aligned words (w:) are used in the abc.

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