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Dont Let The Children Look At This Site

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A splendid person with an unmistakable (and room-brightening) laugh, and a fine player of jazz on the English.

"Unmistakeable and room-brightening"? Chris is a master of the understatement. As he well knows, Erwin has the most infectious giggle on the planet. Pity it can't be filled in bottles.




P.S. With the exception of his awesome snore, Erwin is quite harmless.

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Hi folks:

Does anyone have erwin's Email address?

I cannot locate it anywhere on his site.

I want to email him a few photos of ME!

He might be my long lost "twin"

My God, two Erwins.... the mind boggles..... :blink:


I think he is currently of no fixed abode; there appears to be only a snail mail contact address:



Hirschbergleinstr. 2

D-95448 Bayreuth




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Actually, someplace on his site, there is a guestbook sort of thing from where I signed in with a note to contact me. I received a rather quick response via Email shortly after writing to him.


The return address was:


[address removed by Admin]


for anyone else that might wish to contact him.


I sent him a few recent photos of myself and I'm awaiting his reaction.


The few family and friends I've shown his photos to on his site said the resemblance (before my haircut and beard trim) were frighteningly remarkable.


Gosh, he even plays English, like me.





Perry Werner

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Perry, perhaps there was a reason why he did not put his email address on his own site, and perhaps it would be better to recommend that people contact him via his guest book rather than putting his email address up on a public site (even with limited access) such as this one?

Just a thought.


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I was off doing something (teaching crazy kids) when a C.net member who has not posted in this thread tapped me on the shoulder and suggested we should not post an email address in the open like this (edited post above) for someone else. I have to agree, so I removed it -- It does cause problems with bots that harvest the address and then spam the owner like crazy. If you can find a way to point to someone (such as suggesting you sign their guest book on their Web site and waiting for a reply) without posting their email address in the open that is much easier for them.


Hoping I'm not being too heavy handed

Ken, Admin

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