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Beoga - Dipper's Dilemma

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Hi there,


time for a little self-congratulation. I just received a copy of Beoga's second CD entitled Mischief. If you haven't heard of them they're a 5 piece from around Antrim (www.beogamusic.com) featuring two accordion players, keys, percussion, fiddle/vocals - that description doesn't really do them justice. They really are very very good and innovative (in my opinion) and what's more they've recorded a piece of music that I wrote some years ago called "Dipper's Dilemma". The track is called "Trolleyed" They're interpretation is fantastic and I'm delighted with it - particularly as I don't play out as much as I'd like - so it's very nice when someone else does it for you! The whole album is well worth a purchase.


Hopefully the Dipper concertinas will arrive sometime this year and I can resolve the dilemma.


Regards to all



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Hopefully sometime this year but you never can tell. I'm a long time waiting already - but I'm sure it'll be worth it. I've ordered a concert pitch and an e flat. sick of transposing and not having all the notes. Figured that by the time the first one arrived, I'd want the second so - in for a penny - in for a pound.


Gotta run



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