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BU aogan lynch perchance? if so, i like your playing and hope you make a solo irish concertina cd....if not, howyah anyhow!



Rumbled :). I be he. Thanks for the compliment. I've got some self-promoting news to post but I thought it'd be a touch unseemly to include it in my first post. :ph34r:


For my sins, I play a 38 key Jeffries-copy C/G Suttner with ebony ends. I've an early C#/G# one as well which is really sweet sounding but I very rarely get to play it these days.

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I was introduced to your playing by the two very fine sets you recorded for Suttner's website and I too second the need for you to sit your tush down in a studio and bang us out some lovely tunes. So I await your humble announcement.


Best regards and welcome to this mad but merry little band,


Ross Schlabach


"Of reasonably sound mind, but terribly slow fingers!"

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Ciaran O'Grady here. Hope all's well and that you're not on the motorbikes too much! What's the self promoting news? ?





Alright Ciaran, how's it goin' man? :) - Thought you'd be delighted to see my on a motorbike, so you could rob my gigs ! :D


New news is the new slide album I suppose. -Gotta keep getting back up on the horse eh? :rolleyes:

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