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Sheebeg An Sheemore

Henk van Aalten

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Here is the link to Sheebeg an Sheemore (1.6 Mb MP3), the famous O'Carolan composition.

It is played in C by my brother (on guitar) and me on a 30 button G/C concertina. This one is normally payed in D, but at this moment I have not the level to play it smoothly in D on the G/C concertina.


As there are no accidentals involved, this tune is very well suited for a 20 button G/C concertina.


Questions and comments are very welcome!




(edited because of a changed link to the tune)

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Very nice arrangement, and a good quality recording too :)

Thanks Morgana for your reaction.


The arrangement was inspired by the playing of this tune by the guitarplayer Dave Evans. It's in the book "Anthology of O'Carolan Music (including a great CD!) by Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn, published by Mel Bay Publications (ISBN 0-7866-3474-X). This is really a great book! I received it as a preaent from Joachim Delp and I'm still very thankfull for this musical treasure.


Now, to make this forum work, I invite you to make a recording of your playing and place a link in this forum. I am (maybe we all are) curious to hear playing.


When you need technical assistance you can contact me directly.



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finally I have learned how to enter into this forum and have been even able to liusten yourm playing, although with some limitation due to the capacity of my Computer.


I enjouyed listening to your and the Manoline and platyed along with you.


This days I am lurning two new flings, which I got on a tape a bit in tutor form.

Will prepare copy for yiou.


Now I am out of time, have to leave home and take care about my dog and my Concertina.


Sjhall listen the other tunes and comment and ask you favours.



Jochim Delp

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