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May Day Success

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Well what a fantastic May Day. Perfect weather, azure blue cloudless sky but a cooling breeze.

Danced at sunrise at the church gates, then round the pond before finishing the first stint at our local pub.

Then we danced at 3 different primary schools (ages 6 to 11) before finishing at Cranbrook school (ages 13 - 18).


I was expecting the younger kids to be respectful but what I wasn't expecting was 300 or so 13 to 18 year olds giving up their lunch hour to watch us dance, cheer us on and clap enthusiasticaly. Literally amazing! :D


My wife came to watch our first stand at 5:32 am and then went to work. She has a couple of new colleagues from south africa who have never heard of morris dancing or may day. So Alison showed them pictures of me playing concertina on our website! Oh Squashbox! says colleague 1, "My dad plays squashbox too!" Amazing! :D

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Well done Peter, I told you there'd be another day. ;)


Website? Photos? Oh and if you'd said I could have arranged for you to play in the grounds of the school I work at, not many miles from you and housed in a seventeenth century country house in 60 acres of parkland. The kids are pretty keen on music and performing arts so it would have gone down well; maybe next year.

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