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i have a 20-button, red, MOTS (Mother of Toilet Seat) concertina made in Italy; i don't know how old it is but one of the leather straps broke on me after i repaired the buttons. i was on this forum back in Nov/Dec 06, but got blacklisted for some reason and my posts were removed. Now i can't remember what You all told me i had. i think it's a Stagi, but i don't know what keys it can play in, what the button layout is or anything else.

i already play mandolin, guitar, some banjo, and a little bass and i'd like to learn to chord and maybe do some lead in notes (notes that lead from chord to chord) on this thing. Before the strap broke i heard a little of it and it sounded really cool (if i can use that term).

Could i get some directions on where to find button layout and maybe a description of what i have?



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Concertina button layouts are available here . As you already have other intruments to hand it shouldn't be too hard to figure out the keys your anglo plays in from there. A number of makers/repairers post on this board and offer spare parts for sale so new straps shouldn't be a problem. I don't play an anglo (yet) so I don't know how difficult chord playing is; depending on the layout you can always fall back on 'power chords' - playing the root and fifth and skipping the third.


I don't think describing the sound of a concertina as cool will ruffle any feathers but if you think a Stagi sounds nice wait until you hear a good 'un! B)


Happy playing! :)

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