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Barry Callaghan Rip

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I am very sad to report the death of my friend Barry Callaghan.He died suddenly whilst in Majorca playing at a Dance Festival .Barry was a great enthusiast for English music and played the anglo concertina and the melodeon.He was a stalwart of music sessions in the Sheffield area and further afield and played at the Royal Concertina Sessions from there inception.He was just about to release his tune collection and accompanying CD entitled "Hardcore English". I understand Johnny Adams of Village Music is to complete the project.Barry was responsible for making most, if not all, of the films of traditional musicians and dance performers in the United Kingdom in the last twenty five years.We have him to thank for the great archival film on Reuben Shaw and he was the person who very generously filmed the Concertina Concert at the English Country Music Weekend at Bradfield,South Yorkshire,some years ago and made it available for general distribution.He was in the process of completing the archival film of the Manley Morris Dancers,for whom I had played the concertina for many years.His company,his music and expertise will be sadly missed.

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Thank you for posting this, Mark. Barry was a friend of mine too and as well as at sessions and festivals, we played together a lot as musicians in the early years of the Sheffield-based womens' dance team 'Lizzie Dripping'. I was saddened and shocked to learn of his death. Please keep Linda in all of our thoughts.



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Terrible news indeed.


Barry has been a good friend and a great companion in sessions over the years.


His extensive knowledge of English Country Dance Music was matched by an abundantly obvious enthusiasm and his ability to really make the music 'bounce' on both melodeon and concertina.


His untiring research and all the superb material he produced and shared with us all , has left us richer by far.

Barry was a great guy and will be sorely missed by all who knew him.


My condolences To Linda


Dave Prebble

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I am sorry to hear of Barry's passing.


My contact with him was through ordering his films. When we had trouble getting me a Rueben Shaw DVD that was compatible with my system his calmness, patience and persistence spoke yards about his character.


I will miss Barry and his artistic efforts.



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I am shocked and saddened at this news, Barry visited Di and I several times for little concertina jobs, and he made me, an indiffernt player by ear, always very welcome at sessions. There is nothing else to say, the passing of a talented and gentle gentleman.


Dave E

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May I also say how shocked and saddened I am to hear of Barry's death?

I also knew Barry as a fellow musician with Lizzie Dripping and through his association with the 'Celebrated Cloggies' and City Morris. His enthusiasm for English traditional music was boundless and infectious. He was also a thoroughly nice bloke.

What makes his passing even more poignant is that I had rather lost touch with him in recent years but had been thinking I must contact him to ask if I would see him at Bradfield this summer. Such a sad loss.

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I am very sorry to hear this. I saw Barry only a few weeks ago at a session when he had some proofs of his new book of English music. I didn't know him well, but he was someone I had often come across at sessions.


Barry was one of those stalwarts who put a huge amount of enthusiasm and effort into the music for its own sake, without expecting fame or financial reward. His contribution was enormous and he will be sadly missed.

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Arrangements for Barry's funeral


*********** BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE ***********


On 19/04/2007 at 12:16 wayne and Jo davis <wayneandjo_davis@yahoo.com> wrote:




>Barry's funeral will be held on Wednesday 25th April

>at 1.15 at Grenoside Crematorium, Sheffiled. This

>will be followed by a celebration of his life to be

>held from 2.00 at Thundercliffe Grange, Rotherham.


>We are conscious that so very many people loved Barry

>but are aware that the chapel only holds 120 people.

>We would ask you to to consider whether you wish to

>attend the ceremony or could go directly to



>We'd like you to dress in the way Barry would expect

>you to, something that would be fitting for a very

>colourful man!


>Rather than flowers, we'd be grateful if you would

>make a donation in Barry's name to the English Folk

>Dance and Song Society. You can do this directly or

>via Wood Funeral service, 848 Eccleshall Rd, Sheffield

>S11 8TP.


>For those of you who are musicians, please bring along

>your instruments to Thundercliffe.


>Addresses for both the crematorium and Thundercliffe

>are as follows;


>Grenoside Crematorium


>S35 8RZ


>Thundercliffe Grange

>Grange Lane



>If you require any additional information, you can

>contact us by email at this address.


*********** END FORWARDED MESSAGE ***********

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