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Concertina Instruction Videos & Book


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For Sale:

1. Learn To Play Irish Concertina by John Williams. Video/instruction sheet

2.The Seaman's Concertina: A Beginning Guide to the Anglo Concertina in the Nautical Style by John Townley. Video

3. The Anglo Concertina Demystified by Bertram Levy. Book/2 cassettes

$50.00 for all $5 shipping to United States.

Also check out my Wheatstone Anglo C/G eBay #2371708962

(starts 6:30PM 1-8-04 Pacific Time)

I'm giving up on the Anglo and concentrating on my Duet.[/b]


SOLD: 10% to Pauls great site via PayPal! Thanx

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Sorry Concertina on eBay starts 6:30PM 1-8-04 Pacific time.

Duet is a 55 key Wheatstone, it matches the one on eBay. Hate to lose

it but I just can't get the hang of the push pull and I play harmonica professionally, so go figure. I'm a clutz.

Thanx for looking


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