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Two Superb Amboyna Edeophones


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Hello All,


I have two Amboyna edeophones that I am offering.


Both are in superb condition having been restored by Wim Wakker.


The selling price is GBP 3000 EACH; or GBP 5500 for BOTH.


Serial number: 51507; standard treble; gold keys, hardware, and fittings; new black bellows


Serial number: 56304; extended treble; glass keys; gold hardware and fittings; original brown bellows with serial numbers


I can e-mail you GIANT high resolution photos if you desire.


Please view photos and address any questions to danersen@aol.com.


Be Well,


Dan Stenersen

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Hello Paul,


As time passes, the postings have a tendency to get buried. I am simply refreshing the position of the listing.


There has been substantial interest - some from serious buyers who need to complete other transactions for funds - some from bargain hunters which is not my puprose re: these concertinas - and some from individuals purely interested in the concertinas.


Given that I am in the fortunate position of not having to sell them, but acting primarily out of guilt, I am seeking a buyer/s who has an appreciation for them that is commensurate with their value to me.


Though they may not be being played to their fullest potential, they are not languishing here. And while guilt may be an effective motivation, it need not be a compromising one.


Be Well,



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