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"royal Concertinas"

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;) Well Pete,


I'd give it a shot, but with my geographical disability, I'd never make it. (No, I am not geographically challenged, then there would be some hope, disabled it is.)




I've died and gone to heaven. You said something nice about piano accordions.



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Just be aware, anyone not approaching from the North West (or other geopgraphically challenged people), there is football at Hillsborough tonight, so don't go that way.

I am going Hoyland, Stocksbridge By-Pass route from Doncaster.

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11 people, free sandwiches from the Landlady, Good mix of Anglos, and English, good range of tunes, Morris, Irish, fun tunes. Two baritones: one Anglo, one English. Fair skill range, covering ears only to dots only, no upsets. Youngest player 17 yrs oldest, well say several over the 1/2 century.


Mark has noted the tunes played.


Forbidden topics:


Glues (Sorry Dave P)


Button sizes (but a Swedish Theme night was suggested by one player not to be named)


Music stands not mentioned, so bed time, Others can give the rest of the details


Dave E

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The next "Royal Concertinas"session will take place on Tuesday 24th February at 8.00pm.Dave Elliott will give a short talk on concertina repairs during the evening.As previously stated everyone is welcome whatever the system played or the level of ability.Here is a list of some of the tunes played at the session on 20th January:-

Margaret's Waltz

Dingles Regatta

Merrily Kissed The Quaker

The Grand Hornpipe

Harvest Home

No 2 Morris Dance

Rochdale Coconut Dance

Peppers In The Brandy

Da South Wind

Fanny Power

Planxty Irwin

Davy Davy Knick Knack

Hag With No Money

The Cat in the cupboard

Tater Jack Walsh

Farewell To The Dene

Barrington Hornpipe

Rights of Man

Jimmy Allen

Derwentwaters Farewell

Salmon Tails Up The Water

Donkey Riding

Horses Brawl



Sir Sydney Smith's Hornpipe

City Of Savannah


and many more.

For further details contact me:-

Mark Davies

Home:0114 2851479



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reference empty glasses comment.




1. True Yorkshireman always has an empty glass on show to attract a free re-fill


2. True Yorkshireman keeps his full glass hidden unless someone else pinches his beer


As an aside, did you notice both the instruments in the picture are Anglos, the English players were far more......er.....well.....'genteel'


Dave E

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Well Dave, I have heard the rumours about Yorkshiremen, but you have just broadcast it to the World :lol:


And as for names, howabout with it being *Royal*.....the Corgitinas?


I knew I was hopeless at names and stuff, imagination aint my game :blink:



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