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Innocently Browsing Amazon

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There I was innocently browsing Amazon for a book by Phil Bolger about sailing rigs, when I came across this:



My gosh - I was so terribly shocked I nearly spilt my tea on the vicar's cucumber sandwiches.


What I want to know, though, is how did it happen that the word 'concertina' should come to be regarded as likely to help sell a book like this? Would anyone here have thought it an obvious choice? And if so, would they like to explain?



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I hear it's a good reed!!!!!


All of the comments I wanted to post failed the 'I would be willing to have my name associated with that comment in public for a long time' test.


But they were very clever.


Just not posted.




Perhaps it's a sign that concertina playing is gaining a kind of retrospective glamour. I'm looking forward to it...


Looking at it another way, I do hope the anonymous be-suited shark who invests my pension for me isn't putting it in this company's shares!


Back to work, and looking forward to Box Day in Suffolk...



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