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Lachenal C/g Steel Reeds, 30 Key, Mahg.


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Hi All. I'm reluctantly selling my old standby Lachenal to finance my new Hooft, which just arrived. (And it's pretty spectacular, by the way.)


I listed this earlier but neglected to put an asking price on, which led to much confusion. And then I left town for two weeks, which led to even more confusion. So I guess I'll ask $1,200 and consider all reasonable offers if no one offers to take it at that. And I promise not to leave town.


I purchased this concertina from Chris Algar, who had given it new bellows, pads, and valves. I've had it for about 18 months I guess. It's not fancy, but it's reliable and loud. The ends show some scuffing near the endscrews where careless folks have let the screwdriver slip, but that's the only downside.


It is in modern concert pitch. Serial # 151151.


Please respond to this listing so that everyone interested can follow along, and email me privately as well if you like.








Vern Lindquist

Grahamsville, NY


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