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Crane Brothers


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On 3/22/2007 at 2:10 PM, Greg Jowaisas said:

OK. I followed the morning tea with a "big" cup of coffee and (of course) an english! muffin. Here's is what I found:


1) 55key black duet for 1910

4) 55key black duets for 1911

? 55key duets for 1912 (three of which were in sequence beginning (sic ending ?? )with #25654


Now, what makes things vague is that the 1910 pricelist


has 55b and 56b duet instruments listed!


So I don't know if an air button was counted or even on some instruments which might be macaans or cranes. Bob Gaskins also has a diagram for a 55b Macann and says it is called a 56b in a 1930 pricelist:



In the "that's interesting" column I noted a 2", 8 key mini; six! 81b duets; a "special Oates? phone #25559;

and #25619 which has 84 keys and P.F. fingering.


I'm out of coffee and need to practice.



To add to the sum of all knowledge......25654, is a McCann....as it turns out.....rather than a Crane ? ( not connected with listing)





Time brings all things to my mind....

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