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Reforming Concertina(s)

goran rahm

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I actually find it quite saddening that childish jokes like my recent one on the finger length results in any replies or comments AT ALL...

I made it so absolutely idiotic I possibly could since the (purposeless) remark that provoked it asked for maximum of silliness but why continue??? Really?!?


We do have very interesting, informative and progressive exchanges of knowledge and ideas in these forums on and off and some humouristic points now and then are of course natural and welcome but SHAPE UP FOLKS ! ...it is so easy to step down to junior school or baracks room jokes, pub or party small talk, nonsense limericks or alike....and it may be ever so enjoyable ..for a while...but is that what we are in here for?....Or the semantic nitpicking that seems inevitable as soons as there is the most distant excuse or when constructive arguments dry up....


I know I have irritated a few and tired some others with repeated presentation of views which are interferring with tradition, nostaligia, affection for the instrument and its origin and most of all individual satisfaction with playing habits. Just to put a couple of things in place almost nothing of this is is 'my ideas' as some make it....

Most of the questioning of the 'established ways' has come up in many various forms before and the motives have hardly been to irritate people but presenting possibilities for improvements. Is the 'concertina community' a static sort of club

with the main interest focused on the 1830s and on conservative adoration of the

originator (s).... while those in fact were progressive technicians who started something of a social revolution in music life??!? Paradoxal I think.....


Keep in mind that many novelties in history pass three phases of development:

- being ridiculed - being resisted - being selfevident.....


Goran Rahm

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