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Harry Scurfield C.d.


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Could someone please tell me where I can purchase a C.D. by Harry Scurfield. I have been told what an excellent Anglo player he is, but have not been able to find any recordings by him.


Thanks for your help.


Martyn. :)

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You're in luck. Harry has made a superb CD, a copy of which is in front of me now. It is called "Anglo in the Dark". I think it may be home-produced because the CD doesn't carry a number as such, but don't let that put you off. It has excellent sound quality.


I got my copy from Harry, and I think that's what you'll need to do to. The CD has a phone number for Harry of 01943 465436. There's an email address too, send me an email if you want that.



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Have you gpot the CD.? Anglo in the Dark.

I have this and have others from Harry.

I think has given you the e-mail address.

If not, I am in contact with Harry can ask him if he has a copy or if he would allow me to burn you a copy.

Kind regards

Joachim Delp

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