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Unknown Reel


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I have a snippet of a reel from a weekend I went on which I've recorded (slowly) as far as I know it. It has a fairly recognisable refrain. Does anyone know the title and better still, the notes for the rest of the tune?






It sounds a bit like Tom Ward's Downfall* to me. If it isn't, that's another good tune to learn! Good luck with your search.




*iTunes has about 10 dfferent versions you can listen to, to see if it's your tune.





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It sounds a bit like Tom Ward's Downfall* to me.

Also known as "The Mourne Mountains."



I hear a little of "George White's Favourite" in there somewhere too, I think, maybe. :unsure:



Thanks for listening, but it is not either of those....


I find it very distinctive because of the repeat of the snippet "d egdB A2". The odd thing is that it leads off with this snippet so although you keep coming back to it throughout the tune it marks the start of a section and not the end.



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... the snippet "d egdB A2"

Googlin' with "d egdB A2" did not give much, but on "egdB A2" gave this result.


Have fun and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you too!

Well that certainly has quite a few similarities. I have tried to transcribe as much of the recording that I have of this but the problem is that the guy who played it got it wrong and messed up the second part so the ending and how it runs back into the first part is hard to transcribe. The end of what I have transcribed is therefore not right.


Here is the abc, a jpeg and the midi.


Seems to be a difficult one to track down!



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