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Looking For A Title

Henk van Aalten

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Hello C.Net community


There is this tune that popped up in my head. Must have heard it somewhere but I can not remember where and when and have no idea about the title. Does it look/sound familiar to anyone of you and do you know the title??


The ABC code:

D|:"G"GAB "F"cAA|"G"dBA "G"G2g|"G"gfd "C"cBG|"D"ADE "D"FGA|
"G"B2d "C"cBc|"G"dBA "D"fga|"G"gfg "D"afd|"F"cBA "G"G2D:|
|:"G"GBd "G"gfg|"G"dBG "G"GAB|"F"c2=f "Dm"fef|"C"cBc "F"=fcA
|"G"d2g "G"gfg|"G"dBG "Dm"=f2a|"G"gfd "F"cA^F|"D"GAF "G"G2D:|


You can also listen to this midi file.


BTW the chords were generated by my ABC software.

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Hi Henk


This sounds like a setting of "Mike Cooney's Favorite". At thesession.org it's listed as "Rooney's Favourite".


Thanks Laitch for your answer. You come to the same result as I just did a few minutes ago...


I just tried a search in Google with a part of the ABC notation of the tune. Just searching for GAB cAA|dBA G2g gave this result!!!

The first hit leads to the session.org item that you described.


As soon as I saw that Paddy O'Brien is the composer of Mike Cooney's Fancy, my memory got the clue to "O'Briens Set" played by a Dutch group, called "Shannon". You can find a sample of the tune played by Shannon at this address..


BTW: this sound sample is used at the website of Frans van der Aa, the famous Dutch builder of great boxes. Just surf through his site and you will find the sound track.


Thanks again Laitch!

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