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Hi Akumu27


Your handedness (a word not used often enough in conversation in my opinion and I intend to change that state of affairs beginning with this post) doesn't matter at all. Personal sobriety may be a limiting factor in your project however. Consult a local mental health counselor or liquor dealer about which direction to take. If you got a C/G Morelli, "Morelli" being a chinese word for "self-destructing musical retribution on foreign devils", you'll be composing songs that work in C and G major and some spookier keys that include A minor or E minor. Get with your guitarist to hear these chords. Ask your guitarist to explain what a chord is. You can work up the melodies with your voice and play chords behind the lyrics. When it comes to heavy metal though, dissonance rules, so playing in key with each other really won't matter. What matters is that your body is ripped, you show some skin, and the chords coming from your Morelli sound awesome feeding back through a stack of Marshalls, which they should.


Hope you knock 'em dead out there, or maim 'em at least.





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