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Tedrow Baritone 30 Key C/g Anglo


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I am selling my Tedrow Baritone 30 button C/G Anglo.


It has the standard Wheatstone layout, except I had 1 modification made: Left Hand, G-Row, First button, is a low A on the pull instead of being the (redundant) D. Oh yeah, it's also an octave lower, because it's a baritone. Comes with Stagi case.


I am asking $1500.00


Someone has asked for photos and a soundclip. I have not had a chance to do any recording lately. But, here is a link to a soundclip from the site of the builder:


Soundclip from homewood music site


here is a photo from the site of the builder:


Photo on Homewood music site


Here are my own photos of it:




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Why are you selling? It looks like a nice concertina.

In order to sound good on it, I have to practice on it, but I have spent most of my practice time on my 42-button G. E. Jones. (That's now getting repaired, so I am practicing my 56-key MacCann Duet.) If I want to round out some sound with bass, I prefer to use an accordion of some sort, than this baritone.


So, I do not practice on or use the Baritone enough to justify having it around. I also would like to commission Tedrow to build a 42-button that is just like the Jones only lighter, faster and louder. To afford that, I am selling this Baritone. That's why I am selling this.

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I posted questions also on the Concertina.net site, but I thought I'd repost here: is the baritone significantly bigger or heavier than a regular treble 30 button? Is it a slower response for notes, or about the same as a regular treble 30 button?




It slightly bigger than the Edgley, but about the same size as my Lachenal MacCann Duet. When Bellows are completley compressed, it's about 5 1/2 inches (14 cm) from end to end. If you measure the width of each end, it is 5 5/8'' (19.3 cm) wide.


It is not heavier than a regular treble 30 button. It is surprisingly lightweight. It seems to be much lighter than anything with the Lachenel name that I have ever handled. It weighs 2 lbs, 12.7 oz, (1.27kg), but it feels lighter than that.


For all of the notes that it has in common with a regular 30-button, the response time is the same as with a regular Tedrow treble anglo. This is a faster response time than most Stagis I've played and most Lachenals I've played, and a better response time than those of my century-old G. E. Jones. Some of the lower notes sometimes have a slower resposne time, but not always. That's just the way low notes are.

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