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malcolm clapp

George Case English Concertina For Sale

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Any one interested in a do-it-yourself project English treble?


Labelled George Case and numbered 6186 throughout (!), this concertina has rosewood ends, bone buttons, brass reeds and 4 fold bellows. Some recent repairs have been done (bellows patches, new end bolts, thumbstraps, tuning to somewhere approaching A:440, a few pads and springs to make almost airtight etc), but it really needs a bit more tlc to bring it up to scratch.


A collector may be interested too, as George Case examples are not that common, though judging by the number I believe this to be the Wheatstone of the same number sold to Mr Case on 16th February 1854 and listed on page 75 of ledger no. C 1048 in the Horniman Museum. However, as a collectors' item, the recent (?) repairs may have destroyed any interest from that viewpoint.


If you would like me to email photos, shipping prices or a fuller description, please email me mclapp@bigpond.net.au


I'm selling this on behalf of the owner. A$500 would be nice, but prepared to listen to sensible offers. (%age to Paul if successful of course.)


If no one here is interested, it goes on eBay next week.


Thanks for reading and please feel free to make any comments about my speculation on the possible origin of this concertina. Imho, too much of a coincidence to draw any other conclusion :)



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