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Jones Anglo, Fully Overhauled 20 Key C/f


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A moment of sillyness on Ebay and I owned this. I play duet and can't explain why I fell for an old Anglo.


Anyway, I've had it fully refurbished by Mike Acott, new bindings, tuned, fretwork repaired. It's in excellent order and I'm told is the archetypal beginners instrument. It looks and sounds nice, if you understand Anglos; me, I gave it 20 minutes and went back to my duets wondering what on earth possessed me. It needs someone to play it in, I think.


So come on you keen learner, £375 (plus post if appropriate) buys you a thoroughly sound starter instrument to get to grips with. It's currently in Wells, in Somerset, about 20 miles south of Bristol.

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It's C/G not a C/F (which apparently doesn't exist - someone might have told me!)



F/C (as opposed to C/F) concertinas exist, but not in great numbers. This is most likely why your little faux pas went un-noticed.


I have been looking for a nice F/C Baritone Anglo for years but on the rare occcasions I find one I am invariably broke :(



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