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The Trouble With Anglo Concertina Availability

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The poster sounds as though he is frustrated because he can't get his hands on, or can't afford said concertina.


His inability to procure an instrument shouldn't be the reason that another shouldn't be allow to own one if they can procure it. Just because he doesn't have an instrument doesn't mean another shouldn't regardless of their playing ability.


No one sits in judgement of the purchaser's playing skills doling out concertinas. "Oh, I'm sorry, you can't purchase that Jeffries, you'll have to start on a *Stagi* because you're *only* a beginner." The person who has the cash when the item is available purchases the item, i.e. ebay.


I know this appears to be an unfair system, especially when you just saw the (fill in the name of the instrument) you lust for so badly in the hands of a rank beginner!!

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