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For Sale: Ap Jame Miniature Anglo Concertina #4


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UPDATE: This lovely mini has been sold elsewhere, and is no longer available. Cheers.




I bought this a lovely little concertina new in April 2006. Although it's lots of fun, with two other full-size concertinas, this little one has only been played a couple of times, and just doesn't get the attention it deserves.

*Italian steel reeds in 'G'
*Stainless steel ends/action/levers
*7 fold Bellows made with individual card pieces
*Measures 92mm across the flats
*Birch ply protective box included
*Maker's selling price £600 GBP (AUD$1500)

My selling price: AUD$1350 plus postage (pick up in Melbourne, Australia also welcome).

Further photos can be seen at: http://ptollemy.tripod.com/forsale/

If you are interested in this lovely concertina or have any questions, please drop me a line: ptollemy@yahoo.com.au


[Editd to fix typos]

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Morgona I'm shocked!


After reading your excitement and anticipation of getting your mini, and now its up on the block.


I hope you still maintain your tiny tina page. Do you plan to find another mini or has the glamour faded into novelty?

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