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C Jones At Auction Next Tuesday

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A friend of mine who is an 'Antiques Dealer' recently picked up a C.Jones Anglo. Under my guidance it has been fully restored and tuned by Mike Acott, who has also strengthened the bellows ribs. Details of the sale are at http://www.reeman-dansie-auctions.co.uk/au...hp?auction=6703

Anyone interested is very welcome to email me for more information.

Best wishes.


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And it will probably help if I add that this metal-ended Jones is Lot number 483 on this page of the catalogue, and the Lot details are here, otherwise it takes a bit of finding! :huh:



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Well, you could always use the search option...


We've recently started going to the Gardiner Houlgate musical instrument auctions that happen near us 4 times a year (there was one yesterday - we bought a metronome!), and I can tell you that the big buyers of the concertina world are well aware of these auctions. At the first one of these auctions we saw a battered old Ball Beavon anglo go for £2400 after 2 people bid each other up - neither of whom were present but bidding by phone (and I'm pretty sure the person who lost was Chris Algar).


Yesterday a Roylance anglo, which sounded good in the catalogue but was in incredibly bad shape, went for 200 quid to someone in the room. From which I conclude that the big buyers may not go to the sale but they will get someone to check the instruments out for them first.



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