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Suggestion For New Forum

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I'm wondering if our gracious host would permit -- and if there is any interest out there in concertina-land in -- a new forum.


What I would like to see is a Playlists forum. I would like to see other musicians' playlists -- their favorites, what tunes they're learning, what tunes they regard as particularly concertina friendly, etc. Not a lot of chit-chat, but just lists and descriptions.


Anybody interested?

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Well to get the ball rolling (so to speak :) at the moment I learning two waltz from the Blazin Fiddle CD, and "The South of France" from the lovely Cathy Custy concertnia CD (the later tune has some lovely bittersweet modal runs that I adore :)



Morgana :rolleyes: :D

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How much space do we have? I had a list some years ago of 750 tunes that I knew that I could play if required but I don’t think that is what is required here.

BBC Radio 4 has for years had the “Desert island disks” program where a celebrity (or what the BBC thinks passes for a celebrity) is asked to choose 8 records, one book and one luxury to be cast away with on a dessert island.

I would suggest that we could ask “what ten tunes could you stand to be restricted to playing (or attempting to play!), and what instrument would you take. The results from this should bring out some tunes worth trying out.


This brings me to another point.


Perhaps we have a need for a part of this forum to be set aside for subjects that can accumulate entries over a long period. There was the “What do we look like” thread that I shall get back to one day when I can find a suitable image, There was the “What is your avatar” thread, “What instruments do you play”, “What three instruments do you want from the fairy godmother” , etc.

Also what about results from polls?

These are all threads that could run and run but newcomers will find them hard to find in amongst the general discussion topics as after an initial interest they will soon disappear down the screen.



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What did I have in mind? Dunno. Probably a separate forum. This forum is great, but like many on the Internet, threads quickly move far afield from the original topic. So what I had in mind is something more structured: perhaps just list the tunes you're working on now, the tunes you consider favorites, the tunes you've heard perfomred on concertina and aspire to learn.


Or it could be an ongoing thread in this forum.


Just curious whether there's any interest. I like to hear what other people are working on, and getting pointers on good tunes.

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I won't discourage the suggesting of new forums (though there seems to have been a lot of it lately), but will make a suggestion. What you are interested in might be well served by checking


The Session Web site


where you can see which of the hundreds of tunes are in people's tune books and see past threads addressing just your question. The set up there might tell you what you are wondering sooner than the way we get to it here! Also, lots of non-concertina Irish players there.


Apologies if you already know of this site, but I thought others might be interested.

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  • 2 weeks later...


this is near to what I pretended, when I opened a Topic "Learning, Interchanging Tunes.

From my experience, I think there will be no great interest to open an extra forum, an perhaps it diues not make really sense.

My impression is to invite from time to time people to inform wht they are learning and then to react and if possible interchange REcordings, Note Sheets, Comments, etc.

Reasons :


1. Most people seem to play Irish

Enpugjh Tune Books, Sessions etc. No need. Exception for Beginners as me

and I can imagine some specially beuatiful and reare tune.

2. My topic gave me as a result CD's, Tutor TApe, Sokme Note sheet, apart of more or less interesting cometns.

Enougjh stuff for a wwile to work on. At least for me it is impossible to work more at the same time. And only concentrating the efforts to a small selection, if not better one single tune, I would never learn nothing at all.

3. I had fantastic, and I think nice ideas, like organising an active interchange and mutual teaching on distance, competitions, Awards, Annaul gatherings, meetings among this mroe or less small group sharing this interst. And still I think there willcome the time I shall organize something, but among the contacts made, corresponmdiong with the persons whio showed opern fpo thos ideas.


If such a forum would be opened, I would be interested and look frequently to it.



Nevertheless I inform that I am working (in the reduced free time) in order to learn :


Basque dances and Tunes

Irish Tunes


But more cponcentrated I am working on :


Harry Scurfields CD "Anglo in the DArk" and here in particular oin a a Tune called Blaze away, which is a nice Parade March. I already have spent quite a time on it, but still it will take weeks until I hope to play almost nicely.


I must work an Alan DAys Tutor Tape, as a moral obligation (joke) but mroe because I like it


There is Chris Droneys CD Fertile Rock. I started on it and something I have learned, but it must be polished.


As you see, quyite a task for a not too talented slightly advance player.


Nevertheless, MOPRGANA (and this the danger for me, about such a topic) it sounds extremely intersting what you are explaing, what you are just now learning.


And : Any chance to get a copy of your recors, you are mentionning (or ionformation where to get the music)


I would like to hear you playing it and your advises about difficulties and how you are resolving them.


I am rteady to send you music from here, mainly Basque music, I am preapered to recor my playing less that I think uyou would enjoy verty much, but in order to oblige me to concentrate and train and also for listening uyour critics.


When I proposed my topic, one of the reasons, also has been, that I like to be ion contact with myh Concertina Brothers and sisters alñl over the world.


That is fun and occasionally ther is born a friendly relationshiip or even a friendship.


Well Mortga, will I read from you ?


Kind regars

Joachim Delp

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