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"2nd Chance" Scam On Ebay


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I'm sure you folks are aware of this. After an item is sold, you receive a supposed contact from the seller with a mock ebay format to buy the item at your bid. Another possible scam is trying to gain info for a new transaction processed by "square deal" which does exist, and I will research when it seems appropriate


Easy clues to the scam i think are :


1) Payment is Western Union Only (dead giveaway)

2) none of the regular ebay links work

3) The new email contact is different from the seller


This is the first time I have seen this, and on more than 1 item I bid on!

Whats going on here folks



(edited)PS I saw the thread on this,, anyway it is a reminder to those not as savy to what scams are out there

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and again! here's the text of this,,,


Item: Anglo Concertina G/C 30 Key Lachenal (150029323673)

This message was sent after the listing closed.



Good news! The following eBay item on which you placed a bid for GBP 290.95 on Sep-08-06 17:26:10 PDT is now available for purchase:


Anglo Concertina G/C 30 Key Lachenal (150029323673)

Your Price: GBP 290.95

Offer end date: 5 business days




Second Chance Offer

The seller is making this Second Chance Offer because the high bidder was either unable to complete the transaction or the seller has a duplicate item for sale.


The selling of this item through Second Chance Offer is in compliance with eBay policy; you will be able to exchange Feedback with the seller and will be eligible for all eBay services associated with a transaction, such as fraud protection.


Act Now - This Offer Expires Soon

To take advantage of this opportunity, please act quickly. This offer expires in 5 days.


You may purchase this item by contacting the seller in this email gagiusucar@netzero.net

To learn more about Second Chance Offer, please visit:






Thank you for using eBay!


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Whats going on here folks



Sadly such scams on eBay are becoming "par for the course" these days, eBay's advice about Second Chance Offers is:


All Second Chance Offers appear in your My eBay page, under My Messages. Second Chance Offers come to you directly from eBay with a blue background stating, "eBay Second Chance Offer for Item…". If you receive a Second Chance Offer in your My Messages inbox with a different subject line, it is a fake! If you receive a Second Chance Offer in your personal email account but don't find a copy in My Messages, it's a fake! Don't respond. Just forward the email to

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As a losing bidder on a recent EBay Suttner offering I subsequently received three bogus emails offering various twists.


The first arrived just an hour or so after the bidding ended, represented itself as being from the seller and offered to expedite the payment and delivery if I'd just contact them for details. I suppose the person sending it hoped I might think the seller was confused and wrongly thought I was the winning bidder. I assume they also hoped I'd be inclined to follow their lead and avoid asking questions for fear the seller might realize their mistake.


The second arrived a day or two later, offering a "Second Chance" that looked on the surface to have EBay credentials (icon/images and so forth) but of course it was just a fiction.


The third arrived about a week later as an informal email, again suggesting it was from the seller and reported that the original deal had fallen through so I was being offered the chance to step in and make the purchase.


Fortunately the true seller had a concertina.net presence so I was able to contact them independently in each case, verify the emails were bogus and alert them to the issue. I also notified EBay but I think they get so many reports like this that it was of no special interest to them.

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Robin, I'm both impressed and sorry to hear that.


I purchased a concertina on EBay a couple of years ago and had no third-party troubles at all, just straight-forward communication with the seller. While the instrument's condition was perhaps somewhat over represented, it wasn't something I was surprised by since that's not unheard of in buyer/seller interactions and so I was generally satisfied with my EBay experience.


Between the various EBay related scams going on - including the frequent emails I receive these days claiming I need to re-verify my PayPay account details (obvious ploys fishing for personal and financial details) - I'm feeling pretty tentative about making purchases through that route now. While I might still bid on EBay listed concertinas and settle for handling the financial and delivery details via related channels for low end instruments, if I won a bid on a high-end instrument I think I'd be inclined to travel to the seller's location and do a personal inspection before making payment in a face-to-face setting.



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I bid on a Wheatstone that was described as "Unusually Smaller than Normal" or something like that. lots of people Bid, I got outbid, then the next day I got the 2nd chance offer at my highest bid, which was actaully several hundred pounds below the winning bid.


I never bid a lot on Ebay auctions, as this has happend to me many times: I bid, I get outbid in the last few minutes of the auction, then I get an email saying I have a 2nd chance at my highest bid.


So far I have never actaully done it because it looks pretty obvious to me somebody was jacking up the price. I had something like this happen once with a guitar, I turned it in and Ebay suspended the auctioner and his wife! She had bid repeatably on the item to max out my bid.


Worse thing ever was recent, I fell for one of the Spoof emails, it looked like a standard message from Ebay (with a log in to go to "My Ebay"), and the person ran an add with my Ebay account to sell some motorcycle parts. Fortunately Ebay caught it but I had to actually talk to an Ebay representative on the phone to get my account re-activated.

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