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Hi folks:


I just finished reading the postings about the John Kirkpatrick Christmas concert.


Though this would have been next to impossible for me to attend from here in New Jersey, it would have been interesting to know that it was happening.


I checked the Concertina.net calendar just after reading the postings to find all dates in December empty (and that goes at least for the past several months and the future!)


Anyway, I find live music to be most inspiring to both my being and my playing and would love to have the chance to hear more of it, especially if a bellows is involved.


Recently, I just happened to accidently find out about a Solas concert that was taking place last month not 10 miles from where I live. I immediately made arrangements to attend and enjoyed a wonderful musical experience which included the wonderful playing of Mick McAuley, their button accordionist. Having somethng like this posted to the calendar would have givenme more time to schedule this into my hectic, nutty life, though I did manage to get there.


Anyway, how come events such as this, and no doubt a lot more, are not showing up on the calendar?


Would it be possible for all memebers and readers to make a concerted ( ;) ) effort to help us all out by posting concertina related events to the calendar?


It appears that most information about these events are posted to the forum after the event has occured, usually with a review or two by a member who was an attendee. Nice to read about, but the experience of actually attending would not compare if it were possible.


Though I have occasionally seen announcements of live events posted to the forum, having these on the calendar would be make a wonderful reference and help in planning attendance.


So how about it?

Maybe the calender needs to receive more consideration.


Any comments and involvment would be much appreciated.



Perry Werner

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Just a reminder that for some time now the ICA have had an events calendar on its web site at www.concertina.org. There is also an online form for notifying the web masters of events. Like any such list it can only be as good as the information given to it, so make full use of it. It's free, after all.



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