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This Stinks!

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Just received this through the ICA.

Pretty funny (IMHO)

Hope you enjoy.

Have fun,

Perry Werner




The pattern for making your very own pair is available for purchase at



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"This small accordian-like instrument mesmerizes everyone with its happy music and wavelike rhythm as the bellows are pushed in and pulled out."


They obvously haven't heard me play! :rolleyes:

Ah, but I have, and there was defininitely a certain, shall we say, mesmerising quality ...



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What a pretty pattern! I'm ordering it, so I may even be working on these socks in time for the NESI! I won't be finished with them, though, because even socks take a long time for me to knit...


Well, you'll be done with your socks before I'm done with mine.


I have recently discovered that, after revising and tweaking my original sock pattern (crochet) and getting just the way I wanted it, I somehow was stupid enough to throw out the pattern. :(


I should have the thing memorized by now, but...I don't.


There may be some remnant of it somewhere -- I'm still looking.


So, I may have to play my concertina barefoot.


As for NESI, I'd kind of like to go to it but I doubt that I'll be there this year -- hope you all have a great time, though! :)

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