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Irish Sessiun Tune Books


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I humbly recommend "Beg, Borrowed or Stolen", a simple book with over 90 Irish tunes. I really like it because you can also get a three CD set which contains all the tunes, played simply on one or two instruments (and a lot of them on concertina.) (Available from Celtic Southern Cross here in Australia, but they do mail order: http://www.celt.com.au/irishtune.html#irish)


I am a big believer in the dots AND in learning by ear. When I learn it by ear I tend to remember the tune much better, although it's nice to have the dots for that section that I always have trouble working out (there's usually one per tine! :) )


I also like to have the dots to refer to when I need them, or if I don't have a recording of the tune. It's also handy to be able to glance at the first bar of a tune that I haven't played for a while to get the fingers/brain in gear.


Basically don't knock whatever helps you to learn a tune :lol:


Happy Holidays Everyone :D



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That's a great resource. I'm gonna get the book and the CDs and drool over everything else they offer.


It is very hard to type as my cat is trying to help. Oh well, at least she doesn't howl when I play and she hasn't hurt me like some dogs have hurt their concertina playing owners. Including mine.




How soon will you be able to play again?


Boy, would my former English teacher love the grammar in that sentence.


Happy holidays to all.



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Yes it was HOT HOT HOT :(


With a four hour drive each way to Christmas lunch yesterday, we definitely felt it - but at least I got to play concertina in the car on the way up :)


(Have Connie, will travel :)




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Sorry to interupt, Ladies.


I personally don't play much Irish dance music, its just a matter of taste, prefering the English Country genre, and music hall , and folk song, and band , and .......... .


However my favourite Irish Tune book is:


(Appologies for not being able to put sqiggly accents over the appropriate letters in this gentleman's name.)


ISBN 0 946005 84 2 (Ossian 118/119)


Some of the tunes run at a crotchet mm= 50, the fast ones being around 90; but you are working with, in American terms, 1/32 notes and then having fun with interpretation and twiddles.


Ok so may be its my age, but there is many a fine, slow tune played on an old .....er, er short term memory loss again.



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