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Another Sort Of Ebay Scam/spoof

Bruce McCaskey

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Within an hour of being outbid on a recent eBay concertina offering, I received a very official looking email that appeared to come from the seller via eBay offering to facilitate shipping and asking me to contact them to work out details.


I suppose the plan was that if I thought the seller had made a mistake in identifying the winning bidder and so I was getting a second chance to own the instrument, I might be inclined to jump at it and send off my money (no doubt in some low-security manner) to an address they'd name, not asking questions for fear the seller might realize his mistake.


I was especially surprised that the person that originated the message not only knew my eBay ID (no doubt from the public record of the bid process), they addressed the very official eBay-based looking message to my personal email address, something I'd assumed only the seller would have access to.


I contacted the seller via another route and verified that the message was a fake, and also suggested he let the winning bidder know of the scam/spoof effort so that they will be on guard. The event has been reported to eBay too.


No harm done in this case, but it serves as a reminder to be very careful when dealing with eBay auctions.

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