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Suttner Anglo For Sale

Mark Berry

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It's very nice. I'll be happy to answer any questions.


my only question is where were you six months ago...


looks like you'll at least get your money back. since i'm now playing the same model made just a little later than yours (#298), i can only imagine how difficult it must be to part with. to anyone considering bidding, i paid a considerable sum for someone else's place on suttner's list to get an instrument sooner and it was worth every penny. if this concertina only goes for the $3800 that it's currently at, it will be an absolute steal. i hope it goes to a good home.

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Interesting to see that Chris Algar bought at $5100.





Yes, I was very happy to do business with Chris again, but unfortuately such high priced items seem to bring all the scumbags out of the woodwork. The 2nd place bidder has notified me that there were two fraud attempts against him. He got bogus "second chance offers" that seemed to originate from ebay with my user name on them, only the item location said "Florida" on the one that was forwarded to me (I don't live in Florida). Ebay has been notified of these attempts. If you bid on this item and get a 2nd chance offer, IT IS NOT FROM ME. It's really sad.


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