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Daniel Hersh

Triskel Continued

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Do you have a sense yet of when these will be available for purchase? I'd likely be interested in one of your G/D's. And do you plan to make any with more than 30 buttons?




Thanks for posting the pictures! Any chance of some sound files to go with them?

But people are generally pretty positive about the appearance of what I've designed, especially when they compare the response and volume of the Triskel concertina with the price tag.

And will you be doing G/D as well as C/G?



I'm sorry but I have no idea how to create a sound file, and (with the Willie Clancy Week looming) no time to learn about how to do so at present. But I'll see what can be done.




Yes, we've already done a couple of G/Ds, though the majority are likely to be in C/G.

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