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Jeffries And Stradivarius

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Hi All


I got talking to a chap the other day. He was looking really glum so I asked him what his problem was.


"The problem is that I've got a Jeffries and a Stradivarius" he said.


Now anyone with a Jeffries and a Stradivarius has got no right to look so miserable and I told him that.


He replied "The trouble is that Stradivarius made rubbish concertinas!"


Keep Smiling :)



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" The trouble is that Stradivarius made rubbish concertinas and Jeffries made crap violins !"

No chaps I reckon you've got it wrong, must be a typo error:


Jeffries made Crabb Violins ....... and did a swap with him for top notch Anglos !!

So now you know .... the 'missing link'!


Dave :D


('Stradivarius' ? ...... probably a Stagi re-badged by a dealer on the fiddle :ph34r: )

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