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Shoulder Bursitis/adhesive Capsulitis

willie g

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I've just been diagnosed with this problem in my left shoulder. It comes, I sure do believe, from playing a 14 lb banjo for 2 hours a day since I retired. I've had to lay off the banjo (duh).

I'm thinking about a concertina -

so question number one - approx how much does a 20 button anglo weigh?

second - can anyone comment on the chances of aggravating an inflamed shoulder by playing the concertina?


willie g.

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Hi, willie g,


I went from guitar to English concertina (no incredible pro at either!).


It seems to me that the shoulders 'participate' more in guitar playing, and I did miss that a little -- it bothered me for a while that most of the activity with my concertina playing seems to be from the elbows down (at least for me).


I suppose this factor could be a plus or a minus, depending on how it affects your own physiology.


And, I bought some 10-lb weights to stretch out my arms/shoulders since I missed the greater freedom they had with guitar playing.

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Welcome to Cnet., Willie g!


Best advice I can give you is to find a music store in your area to try some concertinas. (That may or may not mean traveling out of Jersey!?)


I play both english and anglo systems (more information on these different concertinas in Cnet.'s buyers guide on the Home page). Each system causes different stresses to different body parts. Anglo players who play Irish music usually rest one end of the concertina on a thigh while moving the other side. I find a lot of tension can build up in the shoulder on the side that holds the end in place. Others experiences may differ.


Stretching and taking practice breaks can help.


English concertina can place stress on the thumbs. Again, moderation and monitoring your body are helpful.


So I would advise reading up about what kind of concertina you might want to play and then finding some concertinas to road test. In your case you want to pay as much attention to the road (your shoulder) as the vehicle (the concertina).


Best of luck and let us know how you get on.



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